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Providing the best in chiropractic at the best price.

It sounds almost wrong to put a price on health but it is real.  Research shows, the fundamental value for money is supported.

This means the worlds largest authority on healthcare support the whole body care that we as the Chiropractic profession do.

About Us


is the use of manual therapy with orthopaedic, neurologic and movement based assessment to diagnose and treat biomechanical pain.

Chiropractic incorporates the whole body perspective, the so-called mind-body-spirit or in medical terms, the bio-psycho-social paradigm of care.

We use a variety of skills to evaluate the client’s complaint and set up a treatment plan which includes pain management and prevention.

At Clover Chiropractic, the techniques practised by Dr Ben Bacon  were developed by giants in the profession and learnt by him to get results for some of the UK’s best athletes. Effective, best in class programmes were essential for his clients to be back playing at their very best within weeks.

Techniques, other Chiropractors will be familiar with, are combined to support a whole body approach to healthcare that Dr Ben expanded to look after his communities, not just the elites; Sacro-occipital blocking, Diversified, Gonsted, Thompson drop, Activator. Like most effective tools, it is often the choice of the right tool to help the client manage their pain and get them back doing what they enjoy most, or just to work!

Is this the true definition of health, 'the absence of disease?' or can you write your own definition that suits you better?

Company Value

We deliver our chiropractic adjustments, advice and support in order that you can wake up daily with a healthy back and live your best life.

For you and your family and friends.

Company Value

We deliver

1. Pain Relief/ Patch Care

Obvious of course. Our clients mostly seek pain relief on first arriving. Most people seek our help for back pain, sciatica, neck pain and various joint problems. We will focus our skills and talents to help you as quick as your body allows. Having doctors with expertise in exercise rehabilitation, nutrition and mental beahviour to pain, we will also guide you on options. Options that you require to get the most from your body to promote health and wellbeing.

2. Maintenance Care

This is similar to a dental check up in that it is designed to assess and monitor for re occurrences and prevent where possible relapses within the spine and nervous system and help the body to correct these problems as they arise. We recommend the best possible maintenance period based on prior knowledge of the patients individual history, needs and goals. Maintenance benefits the entire system as it doesn’t allow stress to develop and load the other healing systems of the body.

3. Wellness Care

When many people seek care in our office they have one goal: relief. Some people choose Chiropractic as a form of relief for symptoms such as headaches, migraines, sciatica, back pain and associated symptoms. We will do our best to meet those needs whilst encouraging a more sensible long term approach to health and wellness.



Special offer for maintenance packages

We believe you pay for what you get and experience costs, but we also love to reward clients who buy ahead.