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Meet the Owner, Dr Ben Bacon

Highly Experienced and Professional.

Decades of experience for the help of my new communities of Mumbles, West Cross, Swansea and the Gower

“Being a Chiropractor, I really get a kick out of helping fix peoples bad backs. Yes it is basic but this “basic” spine is responsible for supporting us and I support you. ” says Dr Ben Bacon.

“I set up during the lockdowns and never looked back.”

“My niche is as a proven expert in Chiropractic and supporting your healing with exercise programs for those that want this.”

Having built his previous team into Wales’ largest private Chiropractic exercise rehabilitation clinic for over 17 years, he now brings his expertise to Swansea.

A proven expert managing contracts for insurance companies, Welsh councils, the Gwent Police, international athletes and high profile London city folk.

“Now I am delighted to be able to offer the same high quality service to the people of Mumbles, West Cross, Swansea and the Gower.” Dr Ben

Dr Ben Bacon examining dark haired Sally seated
  • Caring, friendly, considerate.
  • Chiropractic Assessment and Treatment
  • Energy healing (similar to Quantum touch)
  • Pain and Lifestyle Management
  • Exercise Rehabilitation regimes
Dr Ben Bacon smiling at the camera whilst examining dark haired Sally
Types of conditions I specialize in:
  • Lower back pain, Neck, Mid-back pain
  • Disc Herniation
  • Headaches
  • Whiplash management
  • Nerve & joint pain
  • Tennis elbow
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Plantar fasciitis

“I get as much enjoyment from creating the care plan to fix an international athlete as i do in helping one of our 84 year old clients wanting to lift and carry bags from the car without pain.” Dr Ben Bacon

Dr Ben Bacon standing in front of a chiropractic recovery wellness chart

“Life happens to us. It is what we do to repair and re-build our bodies to cope with life. that is the importance of our Chiropractic work, to help you get out of pain and live your best life.” Dr Ben Bacon


  • Val Higgs, 91 years old client never giving up on her bike.Val is typical of her generation and she is the best.

  • Having regular Chiropractic has been good for me. I look forward to Dr Ben visiting and keeping me in line.” Val Higgs, 91 years old

Val Higgs, 91 years old lady chiropractic client pedalling on a bike

“I trained to help others get out of pain yet was inspired to do more for my clients, Like Val  who wanted more out of life.” Dr Ben Bacon

lady chiropractor, Mandy Lock looking directly ahead
  • Dr Ben Bacon demonstrated excellent patient management skills. His knowledge of SOT, exercise, rehabilitation and general Chiropractic adjustments was a huge advantage to our clinic and was very popular with the patients.” Dr Mandy Lock, Partner, Bexleyheath Chiropractic Centre, London 1st August 2017- February 2018

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